Practical science in an equipped lab with Excel LABS

Excel LABS offers practical science classes for children from age 10 to A-Level learners.

Primary phase learners will gain insight into the world of life science, physical science and earth & space science through a comprehensive course of practical activities. Designed to instill a love for learning and questioning the world around us, young learners aged 10 to 12, will be guided through a series of exciting topics. Learners aged 12-15 embark on more challenging activities, deepening their knowledge and understanding of the sciences and laying a foundation toward further study in Grade 10-12, iGCSE or A-Levels.

Secondary phase learners are introduced to lab procedures, including safety, etiquette and equipment usage. Learners work at individual, equipped lab stations, providing essential practical skills and access to specialised equipment. Biology, Physics and Chemistry practical courses are offered at IGCSE and AS levels. Our courses are in line with the CAIE syllabi and exam requirements, although the skills developed are advantageous for students of all curricula.

Full day exam preparation workshops offer intensive practical training to learners who have little to no practical experience and are unable to attend regular practicals throughout the year. Fortnightly classes offer students regular opportunities to hone their practical skills and apply theoretical knowledge. Class run January – April and June – September. Exam preparation workshops run each April and September for IGCSE and AS students preparing for the CAIE practical examinations.

We are a Cambridge accredited exam centre (ZA-700) and accept private candidates for written and practical examinations.

Contact us to book your place. Discounts for multiple subjects and siblings.

Centres, tutors and homeschool co-ops are welcome to enquire about group packages and customisable courses, tailored to your learners’ needs.

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